Technology Investment Drivers
Five Top Technology Investment Drivers for 2024

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

The technology landscape is poised for significant change in 2024, with many purchase drivers and disruptors impacting your current customers’ and prospects’ tech investments. It’s essential organizations, like yours, stay […]

Media Consumption Survey
The Future of Media Consumption: What Tech Buyers Expect in 2024 and Beyond   

Shalen Lowell Senior Content Marketing Manager

For B2B marketers to effectively engage tech buyers, they must have a clear understanding of the type of media tech buyers prioritize when evaluating their purchasing options, as well as […]

partner demand generation
Intent Data + Partner Marketing: Six Innovative Use Cases that Drive Pipeline

Anita Covelli Director of Partner Marketing

While many demand gen marketers are using intent data to drive better campaign outcomes, it’s been more challenging for partner and channel marketers to incorporate intent into their complex go-to-market […]

Sailing Through Changes: Three Trends Shaping Partner Marketing in 2024

Bhawna Sharma Partner Marketing and Developer Marketing, PayPal

This blog is a part of a series highlighting the perspectives of partner marketing executives across the globe. You’ll hear our guest writers’ experiences facing challenges in the partner ecosystem […]

Sales Results
Harness Technology, Training and Intent for Maximum Sales Results

Emily Falconer Marketing Program Manager

The current B2B landscape is ripe with sales technologies and tools, making it essential for companies to avoid tool overload, and instead focus on the right solutions for their objectives. […]

Two businesspeople at the top of a computer looking at data on a computer.
Five Demand Generation Best Practices to Help You Build Partner Pipeline

Anita Covelli Director of Partner Marketing

In today’s uncertain economic climate, B2B technology Partner Marketers are under more pressure than ever to hit aggressive partner pipeline targets while demonstrating ROI. Generating leads isn’t enough – effective […]

expert tips for how to overcome intent data challenges to realize the true ROI on intent data.
Charting a Course to ROI: Navigating Intent Data Challenges Effectively

Alicia Borchardt Marketing Programs Manager

When implemented and activated correctly, intent data can serve as a compass, providing a clear view into the needs of your potential customers as they make their way through the […]

Quartet performing on stage in theater
Five Reasons Your Content is Underperforming and How to Get Back on Track

Lauren Moss Marketing Program Manager

As B2B marketers, we know that creating content requires a significant investment of time, energy and money. For that reason, it can be frustrating when the return falls short of […]

Diverse buying team
The Value of Independent Third-Party Content

Kurtis Kendall Senior Copywriting Strategist

Independent, third-party authored content is the #1 most valued content by tech buyers, TechTarget and Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2024 Media Consumption Study reveals. Additionally, 87% of buyers say that credible, […]

email copy
Crafting Engaging Email Copy: Do’s and Don’ts

Annie Coyne Marketing Associate Copywriter

Welcome to the last installment of our three-part blog series, in which we explore how to strengthen your email marketing efforts. In parts one and two, we presented tips for […]

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