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Meta's new silicon shows a growing trend for AI hyperscalers

The new hardware highlights a growing trend of hyperscalers designing custom chips for internal use. This move will help vendors rely less on hardware providers such as Nvidia.


How Intel's new AI Gaudi 3 chip compares with Nvidia chips

The new chip matches the Nvidia H100 but lacks in performance compared with the Nvidia Blackwell. The vendor also introduced new edge computing offerings.


Google's updates in Vertex AI, Imagen 2 support GenAI apps

The cloud provider introduced updates to Vertex AI. It revealed its LLM family Gemini is now available in Vertex. Its image generating tool also has new capabilities.


Musicians and the fight for fairness in the age of GenAI

Artists say generative AI systems are threatening their livelihoods. Jenn Anderson-Miller, CEO of music licensing company Audiosocket, has ideas about how to address the issue.

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    How to build an enterprise generative AI tech stack

    Generative AI tech stacks consist of key components like LLMs, vector databases and fine-tuning tools. The right tech stack can help enterprises maximize their generative AI ROI.

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    AI red teaming

    AI red teaming is the practice of simulating attack scenarios on an artificial intelligence application to pinpoint weaknesses and plan preventative measures.

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    How to get started with machine learning

    Machine learning roles are rapidly evolving and require a diverse range of skills. Looking to join the field? Start by exploring job responsibilities and required experience.

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