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Google Cloud to inject Gemini into data, analytics tools

The tech giant unveiled integrations between its LLM and BigQuery, Looker and its databases to provide customers with a foundation for developing GenAI models and applications.


AI assistant from Tableau targets efficiency, deep analysis

The analytics vendor's copilot can recommend questions that might lead to otherwise undiscovered insights as well as understand follow-up questions that result in deep analysis.


New Databricks open source LLM targets custom development

The data platform vendor's new language model was designed to provide open source users with AI development capabilities similar to those provided by closed source models.


Domo to add prebuilt models, chat capabilities to AI suite

The BI vendor's latest innovations include conversational analytics capabilities and prebuilt models designed to help customers forecast outcomes and conduct sentiment analysis.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    noisy data

    Noisy data is a data set that contains extra meaningless data. Almost all data sets will contain a certain amount of unwanted noise.

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    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides numerous analytical tools for marketing purposes.

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    Generative AI capabilities increase data analytics value

    GenAI can enhance data analytics uses. Automation and synthetic data let data analysts generate better quality insights more quickly and cost-efficiently than ever before.

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